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The headline says it all.
On this page we remember those that served.
On this page we remember family members and friends that served. If you have someone or something you'd like listed bring it to a meeting or Email it and we'll get it posted.
Joe "Bud" Elliott, driving an International M-1-4, on Lorengau Island, Papua New Guinea 1945. Chris Elliott.   
This former Quonset Air Museum Jet was used in filming Top Gun.
C1A COD(Carrier Onboard Delivery) This Air Craft was one of several taken off the assembly line to test a new AC, the E1 "Willy Fudd" the twin tail was added for better rudder control with a radar dome added on top, once testing was complete the AC was stationed at Quonset and the Dome removed, the Dome was removed in building 488 the former home of Quonset Air Museum,the twin tail was left on resulting in this being the only COD in history to have a twin tail, then the AC remained as a QUONSET "Jeep" until the base closed, it was the last AC to do a touch and go and leave Quonset Naval Air Station. 
I was the plane Captain and did all the Museum history and restoration on this AC!                                 Rick 
More to follow
More to follow